'Colour is our healing gift'

We live in a world of colour...there's so much to see, to sense, to imagine...a universe of colour,
infinite galaxies of colour...and then slowly we lower our eyes to our beautiful earth and then 
to the roots, to the depths of the earth to crystal caves of every colour rubies, emeralds sapphire, citrine, opals...we breathe colour, we exist within colour above and below and all around. We are human beings, hue being another word for colour...beings of colour!...pausing in awe and gratitude of life and the gift of a rainbow, in all its heavenly and earthly forms.

Here are 14 of my colour circles,'Visual Medicine'.

  circle 1 circle 6

  circle 2  circle 7

 circle 3  circle 8

 circle 4  circle 9

  circle 5 circle 10

  circle 11  circle 12   

  circle 14 circle 15 

 ' You can't always put things into words, but you can put them into colour ' - Huulanaya