'Colour is life'

We live in a world full of colour...there's so much to see, sense and feel...to imagine. A universe of colour, rainbows, flowers, fish, exotic birds of paradise, colourful aromas...infinite galaxies of colour! The beauty of sunrise and sunsets, of crystal caves in every colour...rubies, emeralds sapphire, citrine, opals...

We breathe in colour, it is natures language and our emotional language, when you begin to realise and explore how we respond to colours everyday. Children so often especially sensitive to colour in all its tones.

We are human beings, 'hue' being another word for colour...beings of colour! Colour is so essential for our health and wellbeing. Both colour and music are our healing gifts.

If you wish to know more about the therapeutic use of colour there are many books on Colour Therapy.

I have worked for over 20 years with a system called 'Aura-Soma - Colour Therapy for the Soul' which was created by a blind woman called Vicky Wall. ( www.aurasoma.com ) 

Here are 14 of my circles I have come to call my 'Visual Medicine'.

  circle 1 circle 6

  circle 2  circle 7

 circle 3  circle 8

 circle 4  circle 9

  circle 5 circle 10

  circle 11  circle 12   

  circle 14 circle 15 

 ' You can't always put things into words, but you can put them into colour ' - Huulanaya