'Some videos and past performance' - more on youtube

I have had the privilege to sing with such an extraordinary variety of artists and musicians...the angelic harp, to drums,the Aboriginal didgeridoo, guitars, native american flutes, dulcimer, berimbau and percussion,violins 'and saxophone,poets and storytellers, soundhealers, artists, and dancers.Sadly many not captured on film.

I have experience of organising aswell as performing in Concerts and Charity Fundraisers for- Christian Aid (www.christianaid.org.uk) -Sabre Trust, to raise funds to build a small playgroud in a school in Gahna(www.sabre.education) -Amnesty International (www.amnesty.org.uk) -International Dolphin Watch (www.idw.org) -'Chiks'-Childrens Homes in Kerala India(www.chickschildrenshomes.org.uk)