Welcome to The Music and Art of Heather Golding


Huulanaya - A Spiritual Journey

 Welcome to my healing story through Music, Art,
Storytelling, Dance and Colour Therapy.

In 2002 I first visited Hawaii with my daughter to swim with wild dolphins. Some years later I was diagnosed Homeopathically with Lymes Disease amongst other health challenges. The dolphins began to help me through my dreams and I would be guided to draw very precise imagery, along with a daily practice of creating colourful circles. I began to realise that if I did not draw I was unable to function properly, it would bring me immediate relief and flexibility.
 I call these night sketches my 'visual medicine', or 'visual prayers'.(some of these more refined,almost anatomical sketches can be seen on my Instagram page -link below) 

One morning whilst swimming amongst a small pod of dolphins with their babies too, I began to hear a word chanting through me repeatedly, it was 'ELAKOYAH'.
 I would say 'elakoyah' before I begin a drawing,always surprised by the outcome.It would remind me of the beautiful song...
 "make me a channel of your peace."

 My dreamtime became very important to me,as I would recieve guidance in words, colours and visions, often from Jesus Christ. I would always feel reassured by the universal nature of art and music and my prayer for unity. I am at last thankfully in full recovery and begin to share a little of my art and music with you.

one breath at a time...Elakoyah!

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