About Heather Golding - Huulanaya

An iris in my parents' garden In 1991 I graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a First Class Honours degree in Printed Textiles. I was awarded 'The Francis Newbury Medal' for the most innovative designer of the year, chosen out of all the departments including Fine Art, Sculpture, Textiles and Graphic Design. 

 After becoming a mother I began to explore my love and sensitivity to colour and so began my work with 'Aura-Soma' Colour Therapy for the soul, which has over the past 22 years taken me on an extraordinary healing journey into the natural gift of colour to enhance wellbeing.

 I spent 3 months living in South Africa with my daughter, creating a series of colourful circles inspired by the work of Melissie Jolly, who founded a Colour Therapy system called 'Colour Mirrors'.

Colour is a language in itself, our universal language. I love the innocent, pure response of children to colour... It is primarily the language of nature,every flower a gift, a whisper from the heart of creation. Through my music, my voice, I sing in what I feel and experience as colour in sound, the language of the heart, the voice of a rainbow. 

I have volunteered as a storyteller for 'Creative Response' - Art for wellbeing. They are the most wonderful,inspiring warmhearted group of people sharing and using the gift of art to support the vulnerable and mentally ill. ( www.creativeresponsearts.org )

Purple scarf
Native American Flute in The United Reformed Church, Farnham.

Heather and Caroline
'Sacred Poetry, music and song' with Caroline Walker in St.Andrews Church, Farnham.

Fundraising posterTo build a small playground for a school in Ghana,Africa

Heather singing
With Bassekou Koyate and Ngoni Ba

Heather under a cherry tree The annual miracles of spring blossoms...


PHOTO-2021-02-18-15-44-44 Native American Flute,and Didgeridoo played by Amuula in St.Andrews Church, Farnham.


Blessed by the light of the day.

Heather and friends

'Divine Beauty'

An evening with the voice of Ian Bysh, and musician Paul Cerigo.

In The Farnham Pottery.