About Heather Golding

Heather GoldingI graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 1991, with a First Class Honours Degree in Printed Textiles, and was awarded 'The Francis Newbury Medal' for the most innovative designer of the year.

 Following my love for colour I discovered Aura-Soma (Colour Therapy for the Soul) which has over the past 20 years taken me on an extraordinary journey into the healing gift of colour and light. Colour is indeed a language in itself, a universal language. Also through my music, singing in the 'sacred language of the heart', I have recieved and shared much healing. I am on my journey to wellness after a few years of Lymes desease. During this illness I lost the ability to read amongst other symptoms, including immense lethargy and weightloss. Through my art, which has become my medicine; colour, music,prayer and gentle movement,herbs, and homeopathy, I have managed to restructure my mind and am now able to read again! I have a large body of work which I hope to publish later in the year.My drawings I now refer to as 'Visual Medicine'...soul food.

In 2002 my daughter and I spent three months on the Big Island of Hawaii. Moved deeply by the island and experiences with wild spinner dolphins, I was introduced to the art of the sacred circle,Mandalas. My colour circles are a spontaneous art form, each one a visual prayer.

 Since our first visit we have returned to Hawaii twice, which enhanced my work further. It was on our second journey in 2004 that I found my voice, or it found me... I was called to sing one night on stage at an outdoor  concert having never sung in public before, and have been singing ever since in performance aswell as one-to-one healing sessions, combining colour with sound.

In 2008 I created my first CD 'Kutara'- in the language of Colour, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the Harp played by Victoria Davies. 

I spent 3 months living in Stanford, South Africa collaborating with Melissie Jolly- the creator of a healing system called 'Colour Mirrors'. Here I created a new collection of circles inspired by her work.

I am presently living in Farnham, Surrey, England - singing and performing regularly with a variety of musicians. 

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