Hawaii,The Big Island.                                                  Huulanaya   

Hawaiian spinner dolphinsMy healing journey through music and the art of the circle really began in Hawaii,2002. My daughter and I spent three months on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming with wild spinner dolphins. We returned to the island again in 2004 and 2006 spending almost 9 months in total.

The first time I sang solo in public was in 2004, this was when 'my voice found me'...I was invited to an outdoor concert with my daughter and friends...whilst relaxing on the grass enjoying the music and atmosphere, I heard a soft gentle voice asking me to go and sing...looking around I could see no one speaking to me so I ignored it and continued to listen to the music. After the third time of hearing this voice, which I now felt deeply within my heart and of the earth, I obediently walked towards the stage in complete surrender of what may happen ( I was not a singer, though had been in the school choir for a while many years ago)...taking a deep breath I began to sing...the purest sounds came through me out into the night skies, gently followed by a very wise, ancient and beautiful language.I experienced an incredible feeling of sacredness and connection,a oneness with all of Creation. When I had finished singing, four people who had been listening met me from the stage, sharing how they had each felt that they understood what I was singing, and that it was in 'the language of the soul, of the universe'... I have been singing, trusting and following my voice ever since.

Everyone's experience of this heartfelt language is very personal and unique. Some feelings for its origins have been from Inuit to Celtic, Mongolian, African, Indian, Latin, Lemurian or even Dolphin?... Sometimes it is referred to as 'the ancient language of our earth', a voice of truth, of pure love, 'light language', or as 'the language of Colour' and angels...I do see and experience colours as I sing. Also felt as the voice of our Ancestors, a prehistoric language rooted at the beginning of time. I am often asked if it is related to the churches singing in Tongues? 

...It is indeed a healing gift that I always give thanks to the dolphins for...I feel very blessed, and have no wish to try and explain the mystery, only to sing it...to let it happen.

                                                              ...  E L A K O Y A H ...