circle -Colour Therapy...colour, plant and crystal energies. -Colour Therapy - art for wellbeing. -Mia Golding, Massage,Hypnobirthing and Wellness. - Fine Art, Floral and Nature Photography. - Dr.Horace Dobbs and International Dolphin Watch. - Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist. - Composer and Shakuhachi Flute Player. - Composer, Soundhealer, Flautist and Vocalist. - Sound Healer, Musician and Composer. - Preventative Healthcare, support for your physical and mental health. - a Radiant collection of handpainted serenely joyful Mandalas. - Adventurer, Author and Speaker. - Joy Gardner, Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healer and Author - Chris Stormer, Visionary, Author and Reflexologist. - 'Living with Soul' -Angelic Author, and Workshop Facilitator.