Some inspirational websites...  Wonderful singer, friend and musician.  ... Sacred Japanese Shakuhachi flute. daughters website. Art,design, natural handmade skincare.   ... Stunning Mandalas saturated in glorious colours. ...Colour Therapy for the Soul. ...Colour Therapy for the Mind,Body and Soul.      ...Dr.Horace Dobbs - Founder of International Dolphin Watch       ...a link to the world of the dolphins, by a man I met in Hawaii.  ... a book written by a friend, with the cover circle created by myself.  ...'Ancient waves' a magical improvised cd of global musicians.I sing on track 9.  ...'The Oracle of Illumination' .Colour and Numerology.Book and set of cards. Gardner,Vibrational Medicine,Sound Healer and Author -Hawaii.  ...Musician,Sound Healer and Photographer.'Living with Soul'-Angelic Author,and Workshop Facilitator                         ...The Global movement for tribal people. Preserving Indigenous Tribes.